Marriage Registration in Nepal (2080) – All the latest provision

This article will help you to know about the documents, legal procedures, etc. that are required for marriage registration in Nepal.

Marriage is the process of the establishment of relations between two persons which creates their rights, duties, responsibilities, and privileges.
In Nepal, all the proceedings related to the registration of marriage are administered by the chapter of the Marriage of civil code 2017 (2074) and the Marriage Registration Act 2028.

Marriage Registration in Nepal

Who can Marry in Nepal?

  • The male or female who does not have a husband or wife,
  • The male or female who has not gone mad,
  • The male and female who have completed the age of twenty years.

Process of Marriage Registration in Nepal

  • Submit an application form for marriage registration in Nepal at the ward office or marriage registration officer of your permanent residence or temporary residence at least fifteen days earlier.
  • To submit an application, both the male and female or one of them must have resided in the area (jurisdiction) of the concerned Marriage Registration Officer, for at least fifteen days before submitting such an application.
  • Submit the other required documents
  • Submit evidence of the marriage ceremony and the parties to the marriage and at least three witnesses shall sign a deed of declaration in a prescribed format and submit it to the Marriage Registration Officer and the Marriage Registration Officer shall also put signature in this document.
  • After submitting an application and the required documents, the ward office or marriage registration officer will examine it and finally provide a marriage certificate within 7 days.
  • A marriage has to be concluded within three months and in case a marriage is not concluded within that time frame one has to submit a new application for the marriage.

Documents required for Marriage Registration in Nepal

  • Application of registration
  • Passport-size photo of husband and wife
  • Citizenship of husband and wife
  • Letter from ward office of both male and female mentioning that both are unmarried before or divorced before.
  • Submit the evidence related to the marriage ceremony
  • Citizenship of parents of husband and wife
  • Migration certificate if the marriage certificate is to be registered in another place besides the native residence.

Process of Court Marriage Registration in Nepal

  • Letter from ward office of both male and female mentioning that both male and female are unmarried or divorced
  • Fill up the application form in the district court from where you are registering
  • Application can also be filed from temporary residence. The couple must have stayed in the temporary address for at least 15 days before court marriage. (Temporary residence certificate is necessary from temporary ward office)
  • A deed of the declaration by both marrying parties should be signed accepting each other as husband and wife
  • If all the requirements are fulfilled and verified, a marriage certificate will be issued by the marriage registration officer in a court after the verification by judge.

Document needed for Marriage Registration via Court

  • Citizenship of both husband and wife
  • Citizenship of parents of both parties (not compulsory)
  • Citizenship of witnesses (any two)
  • Passport-size photo of the couple
  • Letter from ward office of temporary residence if to be registered in temporary address
  • Letter from ward office of permanent address of both male and female mentioning that both male and female are unmarried or divorced.

Process of Marriage Registration of a Nepali and a Foreigner in a Court

  • Unmarried Verification Certificate from his/her ward office of permanent residence is collected by Nepali party and No Objection Letter (NOC) is brought through his/her respective embassy located in Nepal for foreigner
  • Evidence of witnesses(two witnesses having Nepalese citizenship) of marriage is collected and verified
  • Passport and visa of foreigner is submitted.
  • Foreigners whose marriage is to be done in Nepal must stay in Nepal for 15 days before the marriage registration day.

Documents needed for Marriage Registration of a Nepali and a Foreigner in a Court

  • Letter from his/her ward office mentioning that he/she is unmarried for Nepali.
  • NOC is required for foreigners which is brought through the respective embassy located in Nepal
  • Citizenship of both couple
  • Citizenship of parents of both couple (not compulsory)
  • Passport size photo of the couple
  • Original passport of foreigners
  • Visa of Nepal of foreigners
  • The marriage act of a foreign country(foreigner’s country whose marriage is to be done to Nepali) translation in the Nepali language.


Marriage registration in Nepal is a very easy and speedy process.

Marriage Registration in Nepal

Questions and Answers

What is the minimum age requirement for marriage in Nepal?

According to Muluki Civil Code 2074, the legal age for marriage in Nepal for both males and females is 20 years.

Can Nepali and foreigners register a marriage in Nepal?

Yes, a Nepali and a foreigner can register a marriage in Nepal by following the legal procedures as mentioned in the Muluki Civil Code 2074 and Marriage Registration Act 2028 by Nepali and foreigners should follow the marriage law of the respective country of their nationality.

Is it compulsory to register a marriage?

Yes, it is compulsory to register a marriage for legal validity. A marriage can be registered either at the court or ward office or at the embassy according to the circumstances.

Can two foreigners register marriage in Nepal?

Yes, two foreigners can register a marriage in Nepal after following all the legal formalities of Nepal. Also, both foreigners should follow the marriage law of the respective countries of his or her nationality.

Should a Nepali citizen follow Nepalese marriage law while marrying in a foreign country?

Yes, a Nepali citizen should follow the Nepalese Marriage Act while concluding marriage in a foreign country.

Can a Nepali register marriage in foreign countries?

Yes, A Nepali can register marriage in foreign countries following the Nepalese Marriage Act.

Can we register marriage from our temporary address in Nepal?

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Yes, you can register marriage from your temporary address following the Marriage Act 2028.

Is it necessary to have our parents during court marriage?

If you are above 20 years, it isn’t necessary to have your parents during court marriage.

Can Indians marry in Nepal?

Yes, an Indian can marry in Nepal following legal proceedings.

Can we change our marriage certificate date?

Yes, you can change your marriage certificate date by completing the legal proceedings in your ward/municipality office.

Is same-caste marriage legal in Nepal?

No, same-caste marriage isn’t legal in Nepal. Incest relation is not approved by Nepalese law.

Should husband and wife both be present for marriage registration?

Either husband or wife can register marriage in Nepal following the prevailing laws.

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