BALLB Syllabus in Nepal – Law syllabus you have to study in five years BALLB Programme (2080)

This article will help you to know about the BALLB syllabus in Nepal. BA.LLB (Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law) is a five-year integrated course that is being offered by various universities in Nepal such as Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University, and Kathmandu University. BALLB is started in Nepal Law Campus in 2010 A.D, Prithvi Narayan Campus in 2011 A.D and in National Law College in 2012 A.D.

BALLB course may be yearly or on a semester basis. There will be a five-year course consisting of ten semesters on a semester system.

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BALLB Syllabus in Nepal

The Curriculum of the B.A.LL.B. Programme – BALLB Syllabus in Nepal

BALLB First Year (First and second semester)

Course Code No.Course TitleNature of CourseFull marksPeriod /Year
PS. 351Political ScienceCompulsory100125
So. An 352Sociology and AnthropologyCompulsory100125
Hist. 353HistoryCompulsory100125
L. Eng.354Legal EnglishCompulsory100125
L. Nep.355Legal NepaliCompulsory100125
Eng. 356English (in Lieu of Legal Nepali for Foreigner)Elective(for Foreigner in Lieu of L. Nep. 355)100125
Law 357Legal MethodCompulsory100125
Law 358Comparative Law and Nepalese Legal SystemCompulsory100125
S.Eng359Seminar in EnglishNon-Credit  
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BALLB Second Year (Third and Fourth Semester)

Course Code No.Course TitleNature of CourseFull marksPeriod /Year
PS. 375International Relation and DiplomacyCompulsory100125
Eco 376EconomicsCompulsory100125
SW 377Social WorkCompulsory100125
Law 378JurisprudenceCompulsory100125
Law 379Constitutional LawCompulsory100125
Law 380Procedural LawCompulsory100125
Any TwoOptional Subjects
Law 381Media LawOptional5062
Law 382Fiscal LawOptional5062
Law 383International Trade lawOptional5062
Law 384Equity and TortsOptional5062
Law 385Law and Social WelfareOptional5062

BALLB Third Year (Fifth and Sixth Semester)

Course Code No.Course TitleNature of CourseFull marksPeriod/Year
Law 451Criminal LawCompulsory100125
Law 452Public International LawCompulsory100125
Law 453Law of ContractCompulsory100125
Law 454Property LawCompulsory100125
Law 455Method of Legal Research and WritingCompulsory5062
Law 456Law of EvidenceCompulsory5062
Law 457Clinical Law-I Alternative Dispute ResolutionCompulsory5062
Law 458Seminar -1Compulsory5062
Any TwoOptional Subjects
Law 459Election LawOptional5062
Law 460International Air and Space LawOptional5062
Law 461RefugeelawOptional5062
Law 462Gender and Inclusive JusticeOptional5062
Law 463Law, Poverty, and DevelopmentOptional5062

BALLB Fourth Year ( Seventh and Eighth Semester)

Course Code No.Course TitleNature of CourseFull marksPeriod/Year
Law 551Administrative LawCompulsory100125
Law 552Family LawCompulsory100125
Law 553EnvironmentLawCompulsory100125
Law 554Criminology and PenologyCompulsory5062
Law 555Taxation LawCompulsory5062
Law 556Labour LawCompulsory5062
Law 557Moot Court, Pre-trial Preparation and Participation in TrialCompulsory5062
Law 558Clinical Law-II Litigation AdvocacyCompulsory5062
Law 559Seminar -IICompulsory5062
Any TwoOptional Subjects
Law 560Socio-Economic CrimeOptional5062
Law 561Forensic ScienceOptional5062
Law562Law of the Sea & International RiverOptional5062
Law 563Private International LawOptional5062
Law 564Law of InsuranceOptional5062

BALLB Fifth Year (Ninth and Tenth Semester)

Course Code No.Course TitleNature of CourseFull marksPeriod /Year
Law 581International Institution and Human RightsCompulsory100125
Law 582Company and Corporation LawCompulsory100125
Law 553Juvenile DelinquencyCompulsory5062
Law 584Interpretation of StatutesCompulsory5062
Law 585Law of Banking and Negotiable InstrumentsCompulsory5062
Law 586Professional Ethics and Lawyering SkillsCompulsory5062
Law 587Clinical Law-III Project WorkCompulsory5062
Law 588Seminar IIICompulsory5062
Law 589DissertationCompulsory100125
Law 590VictimologyOptional5062
Law 591Forensic MedicineOptional5062
Law592Intellectual Property LawOptional5062
Law 593Cyber LawOptional5062
Law 594Population LawOptional5062
Law 595International Humanitarian LawOptional5062

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