Law Career in Nepal – Best Scope of law

This article will guide you through the scope and the law career in Nepal.

There are two types of Bachelor’s Degrees in law. One is BALLB and another is LLB. BA.LLB (Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law) is a five-year integrated course that is being offered by various universities in Nepal such as Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University, and Kathmandu University. BALLB is started in Nepal Law Campus in 2010 A.D, Prithvi Narayan Campus in 2011 A.D and in National Law College in 2012 A.D.

LLB is a three-year course that can be done by students who have completed Bachelor in any subject.

Law Career in Nepal

Law Career in Nepal

Private Litigation

One can be a private lawyer after completing a law degree and obtaining a license from Nepal Bar Council. A group of lawyers can establish a law firm or association in order to litigate privately.

Law Career in Nepal

Public Prosecutor

One can be a government lawyer or involve in judicial service by passing the exam taken by Public Service Commission.


One can be a legal professor after completing a bachelor’s degree in law in different colleges under TU, PU, etc.

Legal Advisor

One can be a legal advisor for different private companies, Non-Governmental Organizations, and International Non-Governmental Organizations.


You can be the judge on the basis of different competitive examinations from among the officers who served in the gazetted second class of the judicial service for 3 years.

You can be the judge on the basis of an open competitive examination amongst citizens of Nepal who have obtained bachelor’s degrees in law, have consistently practiced law for at least 8 years as an advocate, or served in the gazetted post of the judicial service for eight years or have constantly been engaged in the teaching or research of law.

You can also be the judge of the high court and supreme court on the basis of seniority and qualifications.

For Answers and Questions

How to pass the law entrance exam?

There will be a competitive entrance taken by various universities. You can prepare it according to the syllabus given by such universities for an entrance exam.

Is there any law institute to prepare for an entrance exam?

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Is there a good scope of law in Nepal?

Yes, there are many opportunities after completing the Bachelor’s degree in law. You can be a good lawyer, government lawyer, legal advisor of an organization, and Teacher.