Law Colleges in Nepal – Best Ballb Colleges in Nepal

If you are searching for law colleges in Nepal then this article will definitely help you for finding law colleges in Nepal.

There are many different law colleges inside Kathmandu Valley and also in many different parts of our country. If you want to pursue a law career and want to complete a bachelor’s in law then law colleges help you to achieve this feat.

BA.LLB (Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law) is a five-year integrated course that is being offered by various universities in Nepal such as Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University, and Kathmandu University.

The Bachelor of Laws (BALLB) is one of the most popular courses among law aspirants. The course is designed to provide an opportunity for the students to get an insight into the legal profession.

The course is divided into two parts: the first part deals with the theoretical aspects of law while the second part is more practical. The course is conducted by experienced and qualified teachers.

The course is beneficial for students who want to take the Ballb Entrance Examination. The course provides an opportunity for the students to get an insight into the legal profession.

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Best Law Colleges in Nepal

Nepal Law Campus

Nepal law campus was established in 2011 B.S. It is the oldest law college in Nepal. It is under Tribhuwan University. It is located in Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu. It offers a BALLB program, LL.B., and Master of Law (LLM). Nepal law campus offers a 5-year BALLB program since 2010 A.D in semester system.

Kathmandu University School of Law

KUSoL is under Kathmandu University. It was established in 2070 B.S. It is located in Dhulikhel, Kathmandu. It offers a Bachelor of Business Management and Bachelor of Law(BBM LLB) program.

National Law College

National law college was established in 2069 B.S. It is located in Sanepa, Lalitpur. It is a private college affiliated with Tribhuvan University. It offers a BALLB program and a Masters of Law(LLM) program.

Kathmandu School of Law

KSL is located in Suryavinayak, Bhaktapur. It is a private college affiliated with Purwanchal University. It offers a five-year BALLB program and a Master of Law(LLM) program.

Bright Vision College

It was established in 2067 B.S. It is located in Biratnagar. It is affiliated with Purwanchal University. It offers BALLB and LL.M programs.

Fee Structure of Law Colleges in Nepal

Law Colleges in Nepal

Here is detailed information regarding the law colleges in Nepal that runs the BALLB/BBM.LLB, BEc.LLB courses, their university, location, seats, and fee structure.

S.N.College NameLocationSeatsFeeUniversity
1.Nepal Law CampusKathmandu1053,53,500TU
2.Prithvi Narayan CampusPokhara703,53,500TU
3.National Law CollegeLalitpur1057,34,000TU
4.Kathmandu School of LawBhaktapur3008,85,000PU
5.Chakrabarti Habi Law CollegeKathmandu2509,00,000PU
6.Bright Vision Law CollegeBiratnagar1005,50,000PU
7.K.U. SoLDhulikhel4410,12,000KU
8.Butwal City CollegeButwal903,98,700LBU
9.Tulsipur Metro CollegeDang403,98,700LBU
10.Rajarshi Janak UniversityJanakpur402,30,000RJU
11.Mid-Western Law SchoolSurkhet453,52,000MU
12.Tikapur Multiple CampusTikapur481,93,000FWU
13.College of LawBiratnagar503,00,000PU
14.Kailali Multiple CampusDhangadi481,93,000FWU
15.Central CampusMahendranagar481,93,000FWU
16.Gandaki UniversityPokhara504,60,000GU
17.Khwopa College of LawBhaktapur604,76,000PU

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For Answer and Question

How many seats are available in the Nepal Law Campus for the BALLB course?

There are 105 seats available in the Nepal Law campus for the BALLB course. Among them, the reserved seat for the backward community is 21. Reservation seats include females, indigenous groups, Madhesi, Dalit, Muslims, Tharu, backward areas, persons with differently able, others, and sons/daughters of permanent teachers of T.U./ staff.

Which is the best law college in Nepal?

There are very excellent law colleges in Nepal. With experienced teachers, teaching methodology, and good projects and programs, Nepal Law Campus, NaLC, KUSol, KSL, etc. are some of the best law colleges in Nepal.


Nepal Law campus is the oldest law college in Nepal which comes under Tribhuvan University. Many different colleges are established for Bachelor’s degrees in law. Their seats are limited in number. Day by day, the competition for the entrance examination for admission to law colleges is increasing.