Marriage Registration Between Foreigners in Nepal – Easy Process of Foreign Marriage Registration (2080)

This article will help you to know about the process of marriage registration between foreigners in Nepal and also give detailed information about the required documents.

Marriage is a legal and social union between two people that establishes a lifelong commitment and partnership. It is a formal agreement recognized by law that confers a range of legal and financial rights and responsibilities on the couple, such as property rights, inheritance, etc.

It is compulsory to register a marriage for its legal validity. Foreigners who wish to register their marriage in Nepal must follow certain procedures and provide specific documents to the Nepali authorities. This article will elucidate the process of marriage registration between foreigners in Nepal.

The related proceedings are regulated by the chapter on marriage and a chapter on private International law of The National Civil (Code) Act, 2017 (2074), Marriage Registration Act, 2028, and Marriage Registration Rules, 2028.

While conducting the marriage between foreigners in Nepal, each person shall comply with the capacity, qualification, and condition as specified by the law of the respective country of his/her nationality.

However, the formalities to be fulfilled by the foreigners while concluding the marriage registration between foreigners in Nepal are governed by the law of Nepal. Nonetheless, while concluding the marriage at a foreign embassy or consulate general situated in Nepal the formalities referred to in the law of the concerned country are applied.

Marriage Registration between Foreigners in Nepal

Documents required for Marriage Registration between Foreigners in Nepal

  1. Application form: This can be obtained from the district court or embassy or consulate.
  2. Passport and visa: These documents are required to verify the identity and legal status in Nepal.
  3. Birth certificate: These documents are required to verify their age and date of birth.
  4. Certificate of no objection: It needs to be obtained from their respective embassies or consulates in Nepal and should be translated into the Nepali language by a certified translator. This certificate states that there are no legal impediments to their marriage.
  5. Marriage affidavit: It is a sworn statement declaring that they are not currently married to anyone else.
  6. Witness Statements: Two witnesses, who are at least 18 years old and have their citizenship certificates, are required to sign the marriage affidavit and testify to the couple’s eligibility to marry.
  7. Clear evidence of at least 15 days stay in the district in Nepal where you wish to get your marriage registered: It can be issued by the ward office or can be asked from the hotel you are staying.
  8. The original document of the marriage law of your home country as well as its Nepali translation needs to be presented to the court.
  9. Four passport-size photographs of each party.
  10. Marriage registration fee: It depends on the location and type of marriage ceremony.

Process for the Marriage Registration between Foreigners in Nepal

  1. Once the couple has prepared all the required documents, they need to file a petition in the concerned district court to register their marriage
  2. The hearing will be scheduled for the next day.
  3. Couples will be required to provide their original documents for verification.
  4. After the approval and completion of the registration process, the court will issue a marriage certificate.
  5. The marriage registration certificate is issued in the Nepali language.
  6. The certificate must be taken to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for authentication.
  7. The authenticated certificate must be taken to the concerned embassy or consulate for further verification.
  8. After the certificate is verified, it must be registered with the local ward office of the municipality where the marriage took place.
  9. Finally, a marriage certificate will be issued by the ward office, which is the legal proof of marriage.


It is advisable to consult with a lawyer or a legal expert in Nepal who can provide more specific information and guidance on requirements and procedures for marriage registration between foreigners in Nepal.

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