Birth Registration in Nepal – Easy Process of Janmadarta in Nepal 2081

This article will help you to know about the process of birth registration in Nepal.

Birth registration is compulsory as it is the identity of the child which helps them for the various legal proceedings and works and also provides them the rights guaranteed by the constitution of Nepal 2072.

Birth Registration in Nepal
Birth Information Form – To get this form online, visit the website of respected municipalities.

Process of Birth Registration in Nepal

  1. The application should be submitted to the ward office in the format as prescribed,
  2. Required documents should be submitted,
  3. After verifying the documents, the concerned authority will give a birth certificate after several days.

Documents Required for Birth Registration in Nepal

  1. Documents from the hospital that verify the birth of the child/hospital card,
  2. If the child is not born in a hospital, then other documents( like witness),
  3. Birth time, date and location of birth,
  4. Citizenship of parents,
  5. Marriage certificate of parents,
  6. Migration certificate if migrated.

Various conditions may arise during the Birth Registration in Nepal

If the father is in a foreign country then the birth registration should be done under the guardianship of the mother along with her citizenship, father’s citizenship, marriage certificate, and other required documents.

If the child is an orphan then the district head will represent the guardian of the child and the birth registration process will be carried out under the recommendation letter from the ward office of the ward where the child is born/lives.

If the children’s parents are dead or missing then the birth registration is done with the guardianship of the ward head along with the witness of the birth of the child.

Online Birth Registration in Nepal

Department of Civil Registration has initialized Online Vital Registration (Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Migration, and Death).

Having Internet access, anyone from anywhere can apply for their Birth Registration. For Registration, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Visit the website of the related municipality
  • After the website of the related municipality link is opened, click on ‘Add New’
  • Fill out the form and at last, enter your mobile number.
  • After submission, the message will be sent with a Token Number to the entered Mobile Number.
  • Contact the Municipality office within 30 days after the token Number is received.
  • The Token Number will not be valid after 30 days and need to register again.

Note: All the municipalities haven’t started online services so please confirm it first.

For Answers and Questions

How much does it cost to register a birth in Nepal?

It will be free of cost if registered within 35 days of the birth of the child and after that, the ward office usually charges rs 500.

Is it necessary to register a birth in Nepal?

Yes, it is necessary to register a birth for legal validity. The birth certificate is required in all legal procedures like obtaining citizenship.

Can a mother register the birth of a child in Nepal?

Under certain circumstances, a mother can register the birth of the child in Nepal.

Where should we register the birth of a child in Nepal?

You should register the birth of a child in your permanent ward office.

What is the official website to register or see birth registration numbers in Nepal?

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47 thoughts on “Birth Registration in Nepal – Easy Process of Janmadarta in Nepal 2081”

  1. What happens when a child is born and the parents are below 20 years as marriage registration is not possible as current law ?
    Is the child prohibited from birth registrations ?

  2. I am a female with Nepali citizenship and my husband is a foreign citizen. My baby is born out of Nepal. In that case is it possible to get her birth registration done in Nepal?

  3. What kind of legal proceedings? In that case what documents will be required for birth registration in Nepal?

  4. Ho to do baby birth registration, if parents are unmarried. They are in foreign country with baby. Mother wants to give baby to father without marriage certificate. Because of she has already children.

  5. Hello sir , I made my birth certificate last month for foreign documentation but I found they didn’t mention my grandfather name and I asked them you missed my grandfather name but they told me in new format of birth certificate doesn’t exist grandfather name is this true sir…?

  6. I have 1 years old son but we don’t have marriage certificate is it possible to make my son birth certificate with my citizenship card

  7. मेरो बहिनीको नाम फेर्नु पर्ने थियो, 12 वर्ष मात्र वको छ, मिल्छ कि मिल्दैन अहिलेको कानुन अनुसार?

  8. When our son was born and we were not married so if we register our marriage at the ward office can the registration date be after our childs birth date?

  9. Is it possible to make birth certicate if father is already married
    How can baby get birth registration certificate if parents does not have marriage certificate or father is married??

  10. My husband’s permanent address is Ilam and both of us are government officials recently posted in Kathmandu and Pokhara respectively. We have made our residence in Kathmandu and are about to shift soon. Our first kid is 12 years who got birth registration from Ilam and our second kid is 18 months, for whom we have not done birth registration yet (because of our deployment ). Now my query is how can i change my 1st kids address (Kathmandu instead of Ilam) and how can i register my 2nd kid’s birth from Kathmandu. Both of them were born in LAlitpur and Kathmandu.


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